Manage your Information:

BancaNet Empresarialoffers you a series of on line reports, listings and information of your accounts, accessible from the comfort of your own business for decision making.

  • Inquire: Balance, Multibalance, Today’s Account Transactions and Previous Days, Account Statement, Corporate Account Statement, Payment Reports, CLABE, Electronic Banking Transactions, as well as Listings of Accounts, and Representatives.

  • Consult your transactions in the Log at any moment.

  • Export your information to your computer with personalized formats for an easy reconciliation.

Make all your Transactions:

  • Employee Payroll Payments as well as suppliers and clients.

  • Employee–Employer Contribution Payments to IMSS, SAR, AFORE, INFONAVIT, ISSSTE.

  • National and Foreign Payment Orders, Funds Transfer within Own Accounts, Third Party or International Accounts, and Checking Account administration.

  • Program your payments up to 30 days.

  • Authorize your payments Remotely and Joint Transactions (With different time and place of the First Signature).

Companies with high volume transactions will have a more efficient operation to carry out their Payments and Collections in a Massive Transfer (Electronic Fund Transfer).

  • Third Party Payments, Payroll, Interbank Payments, Interbank Pensions, Interbank Payroll, Referenced Payment Order.

  • Use the Massive Transfer module for files up to 140,000 transactions.

  • Export your response files in format .txt or Excel for its easy reconciliation.

  • Make your collection to clients and third parties on line, plus traditional media (branch office). Banamex has more than 1,400 branches and over 1 million customers registered in BancaNet.

And a lot more…
  • Automatic Updatings. All of the system updatings are done on line.

  • Investment at Sight and Term Investments, Credit Transaction and SME Revolving Credit, as well as Financing to Suppliers.

  • Service to carry out invoices payments to Gas and P.B. and PEMEX Refining.

  • Deposit Tickets, Receipts, Account Statements through BancaNet Empresarial for its physical delivery.

  • Training and advising through our Telephone Attention Center or on line inside the “help” pages of BancaNet Empresarial.

  • Alternative channels to perform your operations: branch, telephone, Internet, and executive.


    1. Control. Register your Users/Representatives according to your needs using Joint Digital Signatures in your operations, managing maximum amounts, periodicity and terms in the management of certain type of transactions. Also, through the log, you are informed of the transactions made by each of your representatives.

    2. Comfort. By simply having access to Internet, the empowered representatives may perform their banking operations anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    3. Safety. It has a very complete security protocol, based on international standards. The information is encrypted for its transmission.

    4. Speed. The operations are performed on line and applied the moment they are executed.


    The Best Security Plan

    The security standards available in BancaNet Empresarial are unique in their characteristics and they offer you greater control and security.

    • Operate a platform with International security protocols. 128 bits of encryption.

    • Use Personal Confidential and not Transferable Passwords.

    • Join and administer your Security Modules for the registration of users and accounts, as well as the use of Entitlements and Operable Maximum Totals.

    • Join the Authorization of your operations.

    • Activate, Deactivate or Prevent your Checks for robbery or deviation.

    • Up

    BancaNet Empresarial Services


    • MultiBalance
    • Balances
    • Account Transactions
      • Today
      • Previous Dates
    • Account Statements
      • On Line
      • Request
    • Corporate Account Statement
    • Payments Report
    • Electronic Banking Transactions


    • Pesos and Dollars
    • Domestic and International Payment Orders
    • Services Payments
    • SUA Payments
    • Tax Payment by Concept



    • Payments
    • Collections
    • Payroll
    • Interbank
    • Referenced Payment Order
    • Massive Transfer



    • Investment at Sight and Term Investments
    • Mutual Funds



    • Protected Checkbook



    • Personalize
      • Homa Page
    • Multibalance Configure  
    • Import / Export
      • Log
      • Scheduled Operations
    • Requests
      • Deposit Tickets
      • Account Statements Copies
      • Receipts



    • Automatic Programming
    • Manual Programming
    • Balances


    • Third Parties Payments (Pesos)
    • Domestic Payment Order
    • Services Payments
    • Interbank Payments
    • Scheduled Operations




    • Inquiries and Financing



    • Change Password
    • Users/Representatives Updating
    • Representatives Activation and Blockade
    • Operable Maximum Totals
    • Permissions and Entitlements Assignments
    • Joint Security Module
    • Joint Digital Signatures for Transactions



    • Today's Account Transactions Inquiry
    • Previous Dates Transactions Inquiry (Summary and Detail)
    • Account Statements (Summary and Detail)
    • Protected Checkbook Status Inquiry
    • Listing of Accounts and Representatives
    • Payments and Massive Collections
    • Treasury Liquidation Instructions





    • Gas and PB Invoicing
    • Gas and PB General Inquiry
    • Gas and PB Account Statemen
    • Invoices Payments of PEMEX Refining




    From any part of the world through Internet, 365 days of the year. There are different schedules for type of transaction.




    Technical Requirements

    • PC – Pentium 2 with 64 Mb Ram
    • 500 Mb free in Hard Disk
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 (minimum)
    • Módem to 56 kbps.
    • Telephone line (or Network)
    • Internet access
    • Printer (optional)